Wys tans plasings vanaf Mei, 2018

Finding King Shaka's Isivivane

In Zulu, the word "isivivane" means to "throw your stone upon the pile". Our book "Op Pad in Suid-Afrika" ( ) also available in English ( ) had a very short little paragraph under the section about Umzumbe (where we spent a week) telling the story of how King Shaka's "isivivane" was still at the spot where he made it in 1828.  It said that Shaka picked up a stone in his left foot, muttered a prayer, took it with his right hand, spat on it and put it on the ground. All of his men then followed suit and they created a huge pile of stones. This was in order to gain favour from the ancestors for his next invasion. (into Pondoland) We were immediately curious about this interesting place and I started googling for some more information. I came across this article on the Umz

Saying goodbye and finally letting go is the hardest thing to do :-(

So the last month that we stayed in our house (April) was very hard :-( The thing is, when packing up and moving.. even when it is into storage, we still experience it as trauma. We listed our home in February already to rent it out, and we had had some viewings, but no takers. Mr Cloete asked one of the agents what the people were saying about the house, and she said that they do not like the kitchen and they think it is too much money to ask for a place like ours. The thing is, we have been living in our house for almost 4 years now, and we LOVE it! And obviously we no longer saw all the things a tenant would see as "wrong" when viewing our house. We had worked so hard at transforming an old neglected house into something we loved. and we felt that it was BEAUTIFUL :-).... obviously they didn't share our opinion. Anyway so in the very last week that we were still in our circle, we decided to do some paint touch-ups a