Wys tans plasings vanaf Februarie, 2018

Packing and wrapping things up

I thought that I had made up my mind about getting rid of certain things. CD's for one are so outdated. ALL my music is on google music, and Mr Cloete's music is on itunes. WHY would I keep CD's? So, full of courage, I started packing my CD's to give to my mom (who doesn't have a google music playlist). And then I saw it: Lots and lots of little love letters from my mom (:-) (the one who stirred the love of music in my heart), my dear friend Ilze and my sister Maria. How can I let go of these treasures? It makes it so difficult to let go of things, when we attach the love of a friend or a mommy or a sister to them.  Relationships always remain the MOST important thing. The next thing on my list was BOOKS. Again I though "easy".  What could possibly be hard about getting rid of books. I could replace the really good ones with e-books, and we will stop at all the libraries that we are able to stop at and borrow books for as long as we are a

Social Media, Connecting and being disconnected

So we have been wondering about how we will be keeping in touch with everyone who cares and how we will be sharing our story during our travels. Blogging is a given - it is a little like keeping a diary... but I know that most people these days (myself included) are really too lazy busy to read blog posts. Blogs will be posted though, whether or not they will be read :-) because  I think it might just turn into a nice little keepsake for us afterwards. My 10 year old son is even keeping a blog on his experiences. He has already started during the school holidays last year  - check it out here . The next idea is to share a video-diary. Videos and images get the most views on social media and I personally also love looking at them. So we will post videos onto youtube and share on facebook and instagram . But it is not going not be about that: the big social media rush to get more likes, more follows, more interactions....  Our goal is not ACTUALLY to become travel bloggers