Wys tans plasings vanaf Maart, 2018

Making PROGRESS... little by little

So, we have quite a hectic list of things to get done BEFORE we can go on our ROADTRIP.. And in the meantime life keeps on happening and stuff need to get done. So these past few weeks were semi-hectic because Mr. Cloete was not at home for a while, and apart from having to do the home-side of things on my own (kids, dinner, etc) I also had to get quite a lot of work-things done on my own (meetings, deadlines, etc.) So anyway, a few highs from the few past weeks: Our president resigned! (***shouts of joy!!!***) It started raining in the Cape (could these 2 be related??) I went to the farm  We started exploring Pretoria! My little princess danced in a ballet in the State Theatre :-) :-) As far as our "to-do-list"is concerned - we also made some progress: Our beloved Kelina found another job and is happy: Kelina has been working for us ever since the little princess was 4 months old. So we have been quite emotional all week from just thinking that