Buzz Lightyear

So, the pressure of having a kiddie party is on! The venue we had Declan's party at is a park, with a playground, and it looked nice enought to have a party at (especially since we don't have much of a yard at our house). We chose the "Buzz Lightyear" theme and got the cake and face-painted our son to look like the action figure.

Little did we know what parties for 3 year-olds are SUPPOSED to look like!

Upon arrival, another little man was having his party, and they had it all - the nicely decorated "mini" tables and chairs, the 4 Buzz Lightyear toys on the table, with mini Woody(s) hanhing from the giant "Toy Story 3" signs on the table. Small buckets fille with sweets as party packs for the kids, and a huge poster standing next to a tree to confirm the theme.

So my husband - who left before me to set things up, chose to set up right next to this perfect little Toy Story themed party. I kept on wondering if I couldn't - with the 1 hour total time I had for preparing, since I'd been working 15 hour days for the past week and a half, and couldn't do much "party-preparation before-hand- have done a little more to make it more "Buzz-like".

So the guests started arriving, everyone of course assuming that, that was Declan's party and being pleasantly surprised when I offered them a picnic blanket and oros to drink... instead of, well - you can imagine.

In the end though, when everyone were done with the hot dogs, oros and magnificent cake (see - it really was!!) we realised that the party next door had died just after it had started, but on our side, the kids were playing, the adults were stretched out on the picnic blankets, and the food was being consumed in a lazy summersday fashion.


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