The best surfing spots in South Africa along the West Coast (so far)

We have been road tripping South Africa for the last 10 months now, mostly along the coast. While we were in KZN, our son went for surfing lessons and the feeling was so awesome, he kept bugging us to get to more surfing spots and surf again. We eventually listened to him and bought a surfboard while we stayed in Langebaan.

So, here is a newbie's opinion of where to surf along the West coast, starting in Langebaan.

1. Langebaan

We stayed in Langebaan for a whole month in November 2018. We surfed in front of Kokomo's restaurant, where the waves were small enough to handle... or completely non-existent. Langebaan is one of the best places to windsurf and kitesurf... but since we did neither of the two - it wasn't one of our best places to surf.

If you are a newbie and wanting to surf, we would recommend going to Muizenberg for that.


2. Jacob's Bay

We spent a day or two at Jacob's Bay, where there are only a few people and houses, so it feels very much "off the grid". The water is ice cold and you are crazy if you try to go in without wearing a wetsuit. We tried to surf there a little while, but gave up quickly.

If you are looking for a great spot to surf, then we would recommend Muizenberg.

Jacobs Bay

3. Paternoster

Paternoster is an idyllic little Westcoast town that we went to for the oyster festival one weekend. Although we had our surfboards with us, we didn't even take them off. The waves are very small - almost like the ones at Langebaan.

If you are looking for waves that are a little bit bigger, try Muizenberg.


5. Big Bay, Blouberg

Blouberg is where we lost our first gopro that was mounted on the surfboard. Many people go there to surf and it is a very nice spot. The waves are good and they break nicely enough for a beginner to manage a few good stands.

However, this post being more about showing nice pics of surfing spots along the westcoast, we would recommend going to Muizenberg since that is our favourite spot so far on our whole trip.


6. Kommetjie

Kommetjie is listed as a great surfing spot in South Africa. The thing is... you actually need to be able to surf if you go there. Kommetjie's waves are beautiful - you can see yourself surfing into the barrel of the wave like on those crazy instagram posts we sometimes see.

Except if you can't actually surf like that... then Muizenberg is the place you should go to.


7.  Noordhoek

Noordhoek beach is an absolutely beautiful spot. It used to also be safe, but is not so much anymore. We went there one afternoon, but the wind was a bit hectic and we were feeling miserable so we didn't stay long.

Muizenberg also has a few unsafe characters hanging around, but there are also patrollers and the feeling we get is that we are fairly safe.


8. Fish Hoek

We went to Fish Hoek once and had a really good swim. The wind and waves were a bit hectic so the surf was not great for beginners like us.

If you are looking for a great place to surf, you should really try surfing at Muizenberg :-)

Fish Hoek

9. Muizenberg

It might come as a surprise to you that Muizenberg is our absolute favourite place to surf at. We went there often while we stayed in Capri and we miss it so much now that we are in Hermanus. The waves were almost always good enough for surfing and there were always loads of other surfers around you. In my case, some of them even looked worse than me trying to "pop-up" on their surfboards. I loved that part :-)


10. Voêlklip (Hermanus)

Voëlklip is one of the most amazing beaches I have ever been to. Green grass to sit on, showers and changing rooms... even a coffee shop. Many surfing schools teach here as well and the waves are quite good. However... the currents are just crazy and within seconds you find yourself metres away from where you were. This is a bit scary, especially if you go in a little deeper and you take a wave that feels like you are going to end up on the rocks.

We prefer Muizenberg for surfing.


11. Onrus

Onrus beach is a beautiful beach. It is close to the lagoon and the kids love to play there. The waves are sometimes out of this world beautiful, BUT they are also a bit intimidating for someone who has just started surfing. There are also currents that make you paddle most of the time just trying to get behind the surf.

For a more comfortable experience surfing, we recommend Muizenberg.

Onrus Beach

12. Betty's Bay

Betty's Bay is a beautiful spot. There were also quite a few surfers out when we went there. Here, the waves were also very intimidating. Someone like me has no chance to even catch one. The better surfers had a great time though :-)

I would recommend Muizenberg for easier surfing.

Betty's Bay

P.S - This blogpost is just for jokes. The first joke is that I wrote it - and I haven't been "surfing" in the true sense of the word (aka - I cannot even stand up yet, and my pop-up? ...what pop-up?). The second joke is that we obviously love Muizenberg because it is where all the beginners go to surf, so if you are a good surfer and you feel offended by this post, then good - I feel offended at your pop-up 😁.


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