Month 2 - Long overdue post...I know..

Our second month was just great.
We found a nice little flat in Kingsburgh, right on the beach - (for such a bargain) for the whole month.
We booked through Airbnb, which seems to be a little overpriced these days, but still has very good deals every now and then (especially for new listings).

Staying there made us feel like royalty - and life became very slow and relaxed.
Some "highs" were 

  • Declan had the opportunity to learn how to surf!
  • The kids made some friends and we visited some old ones
  • We went rock climbing in the valley of a thousand hills!
Something I have realised was that homeschooling is not so hard to do afterall. The kids are busy with schoolwork everyday for 3 to 4 hours and on most Fridays we skip the rigidity and do something relaxed like reading or playing boardgames. I suppose the real test will be when we're back again to see how they cope with normal school again. For now though, everything is working out fine. 



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