Month 3 - Still going strong

If this were a pregnancy, the third trimester would now be almost over.
We have now been on our roadtrip since the 26th of April. Today is the 17th of July.
It feels like we can go on doing this forever. The nice part is that we have missed some of the coldest days in Pretoria... while our friends were posting pictures of their gardens freezing over, we were on the beach in our swimming costumes.
Scenes from the Richards Bay Parkrun

We are still in KZN - the province that keeps on giving. I have seen places I have never seen before in my life. We have managed to get through all the necessary school work as well as all the office work. It feels like we can conquer anything. We feel so privileged to be able to do this!
I think we have actually done quite well in terms of packing. We have not packed anything that has not been touched during the first 2 months. (I do still think we can make do with less clothes though.)
We have managed to fit in a broad spectrum of things to experience and learn about. We all know a few Zulu phrases now (not nearly enough to carry on a conversation yet!), we have learnt about the San people, who were the first inhabitants of South Africa, and we have also learnt a lot about Zulu history. Declan has read two books about the Anglo Boer war and a whole new world has opened up to him.
Thanks to the MCSA, we have learnt much more about snakes, and this sparked a greater interest in all of us to learn about animals as a whole. This made our visits to the game parks so much more exciting!
I must say I miss being able to make music. I think we should try to learn new songs as we go along, this might only be fun for me though - I will have to see how it goes.
It feels good to see what a beautiful country we live in. It is as if we are getting a better perspective - we are fortunate to live in South Africa.

Blogging seems to struggle forming a part of this journey, so I have decided to post my weekly (afrikaans) whatsapps as posts over the next few days.
It will change the blog somewhat... into a mixed language blog... let's see how it goes.


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